FIELDS AMAZE and other sTRANGE music

by Patrick Grant

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Yvonne Glasgow
Yvonne Glasgow thumbnail
Yvonne Glasgow Strange music definitely sums up this album - strange and beautiful, to be exact. There is such a creative symphony of sounds going on, you couldn't possibly get bored listening to the tracks.

Each song has a little something different to offer the listener. Imaginary Horror Film - Parts 1 and 2 are my favorite tracks. I love horror films, and the creepiness of these two instrumental tomes gave me the chills. Favorite track: Imaginary Horror Film - Part 1.
postchaos11 thumbnail
postchaos11 I really like the variety of instruments and styles of music on the album. The style merges from a cinematic avant-garde to a maximalist prog rock approach as we go to the second half. however, the minimalist touch has been kept and you can hear it in different elements. As he uses it as his signature to give the wholeness to the album. It's very rare to find an artist nowadays who do all of these! my favourite tracks are Fields Amaze, Imaginary Horror Film Part 2 & If One Should Happen to Fall Favorite track: Fields Amaze.
stevejamesmoore thumbnail
stevejamesmoore It's not often you can freely use an artist's name next to Aphex Twin or Robert Fripp. With Patrick Grant it just makes sense. There aren't too many people in his lane/doing the type of thing he's doing right now. This is a gorgeous album. Favorite track: Fields Amaze.
Sven B. Schreiber
Sven B. Schreiber thumbnail
Sven B. Schreiber The early roots of Patrick Grant's music are located in the minimalism of John Cage and Philip Glass, but subsequently he widened its scope to embrace various other components like Balinese gamelan, microtonality, theatrical scores, and rock music. Some tracks of this album, covering works created between 1997 to 2018, sound thoroughly constructed (e.g. "The Weight of Numbers"), while others exhibit a quite organic flow (e.g. both parts of "Imaginary Horror Film"). The closing track "If One Should Happen to Fall" - the only one featuring vocals - probably is the closest possible approximation to a song-oriented composition, while still being rather offbeat. Given the vast variety of Patrick Grant's music, it's hard to assign a tag to it, but if I was forced to do so, I think post-minimalism would be most appropriate. Favorite track: Imaginary Horror Film - Part 1.
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Patrick Grant
and other sTRANGE music
20th Anniversary Edition: remixed + remastered + reimagined w/ bonus tracks

"Unexpected rhythms, outside of the box instrumentation, and a completely uncompromising barrage of artistic individuality. Innovative... exciting... mind-blowing... Patrick Grant's FIELDS AMAZE will leave you speechless." - Alternative Nation

"FIELDS AMAZE has a driving and rather harsh energy redolent of rock, as well as a clean sense of melodicism ... the music's momentum and intricate cross-rhythms rarely let up, making the occasional infectious tunes that emerge all the more beautiful for surprise." - The Village Voice (RIP)

"Created for percussion and tuned instruments, it’s a varied collection of instrumentals that – to my ears, anyway – owes more to Steve Reich and/or Edgard Varèse. It also (at least some of the time) sounds a bit like a more conventionally tuneful answer to Frank Zappa’s Jazz From Hell.” - Musoscribe: Bill Kopp’s Music Blog

“‘FIELDS AMAZE' (the track) has this X-Files urgency to it as electric keys rush through with the darkness of the reminds me of the soundtrack to a John Carpenter movie...” - Raised By Gypsies

"With a mixture of homages to 60s and 70s cinema and the traditional piano overtures, Grant excels at arranging all of these tracks into more than a remake, but rather a collection of new tracks.” - The Music Court

"'FIELDS AMAZE and other sTRANGE music' contains a hodgepodge of intricate rhythms played in unconventional and experimental ways using a variety of instruments and methods.” - Know More Music

“This music is soul warming and at times so strange that the world surrounding us acts as if its changing.” - Metal Centre

"It is quite strange...I’m left wondering what I just listened to.” - The Weekly Spoon

percussion quintet

2. FIELDS AMAZE (8:31)
homemade gamelan & microtonal keyboard

flute, clarinet, & piano

three keyboards in Gb just intonation & three percussion

flute, clarinet, & piano

6. IMAGINARY HORROR FILM - Part 1 (8:37)
electric chamber ensemble

The Accident - Hospital - Nine Months Later
Daily Living (Gnossienne) - Baiting the Trap - Going for a Drive

a.k.a. Fractured Fictions
three electronic keyboards & drum kit

8. IMAGINARY HORROR FILM - Part 2 (7:27)
electric chamber ensemble

Cemetery - Hitchhiker No. 3 - Unsuspecting Victim
Under the Knife - Evening Prayer - New Day to Face - End Title

singer vs. thesaurus

Total Running Time (61:12)

℗ and © sTRANGE Music Inc. / Peppergreen Media, 2018. All Rights Reserved.


released October 1, 2018

Patrick Grant: piano, keyboards, electric guitars, gamelan, percussion
John Ferrari: drums & percussion
Kathleen Supove & Marija Ilic: keyboards
Barbara Benary: additional gamelan
David Simons: Balinese percussion & theremin
Keith Bonner: flute
Thomas P. Oberle: clarinet
Darryl Gregory: trombone
Martha Mooke: viola
Maxine Neumann: cello
Mark Steven Brooks: electric bass
Alexandra Montano: vocalise
Lisa Karrer: lead vocal on If One Should Happen to Fall

All 2018 production, overdubs, revisions, and new stems recorded at Peppergreen Media, NYC and The Ferrari Factory, NJ. Mixed at Mercy Sound Studios, NYC - Garry Rindfuss: mixing engineer - Sheldon Steiger: album mastering - Patrick Grant: producer

Cover photo Cuming Co. Supercell, June 14, 2013 taken by Dave Rebot and used with permission. Flowchart graphic by Peppergreen Media. Album artwork, layout, and design by Eric Iverson. Peppergreen Media logo by Steve Ball. CD image collage inspired by Elément bleu XII, 1967 by Jean Dubuffet, photo credit: sTRANGE Music archive.

All music © 1997-2018 Patrick Grant and published by Peppergreen Media (ASCAP). This album ℗ and © 2018. All rights reserved.

Recording history: Tracks 2, 3, 4, 5 stems recorded and edited at Philip Glass' Looking Glass Studios, NYC, 1997 - Garry Rindfuss: recording engineer - Dante DeSole: asst. engineer and editor - Ryoji Hata: asst. editor - Amanda Riesman: administration - gamelan instruments provided by Barbara Benary and Gamelan Son of Lion - large kendang drum and additional gongs provided by Skip LaPlante and Music for Homemade Instruments - originally released on the album Attack Decay Sustain Release by sTRANGE Music Records 1998 - Tracks 1, 6, 7, 8, 9 stems recorded at sTUDIO 41, NYC, 1998-2000 - Patrick Grant: recording engineer and editor - originally released as a Special Edition EP for the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAMcafé Live) by sTRANGE Music Records, 2000.

This album ℗ and © sTRANGE Music Inc. / Peppergreen Media, 2018. All Rights Reserved.


all rights reserved


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